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Olympic Dutch Team
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World Champion Sidney 2000 Peter Van Den Hoogenband and Silver in Athens 2004


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LOCATION -  Set under the Appenine mountains of Tuscany, Pistoia area is a mixture of history, art, folk traditions, monuments, nature and gastronomic specialities. Among the famous towns in Tuscany like Florence and Pisa, Pistoia shows original characteristics and it is really worth sighseeing it. It has been defined as a "minor art centre" where the adjective "minor" simply  means that the tourist can visit the town even in a short time.

Main distances by coach: from Milan - 3,30 hours; from Venice - 3 hours; from Rome - 3 hours

SPORTING CENTRE: the complex offers three pools, one covered and two open air, surrounded by a large park well equipped with sun-beds and sun-shades; there is also a friendly and efficient bar for refreshments.



Training facilities:
  • 6 X 25 meters pool indoor
  • 6 X 25 meters pool outdoor
  • 8 X 50 meters pool outdoor