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Olympic Dutch Team
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World Champion Sidney 2000 Peter Van Den Hoogenband and Silver in Athens 2004


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LOCATION - Loret De Mar lies on the most souther part of the Costa Brava. With a deep seaside tradition, today it is one of the largest tourist centres on Girona's sea front. Beaches and coves with clear water come with an interesting historic centre and a wide range of accommodation and leisure. Walking, golf and water sports are some of the possibilities offered by the excellent temperatures of the Mediterranean climate; terraces, bars and restaurants help you to enjoy the Catalan nights and region's products.

Training facilities:

  • 50 meters outdoor pool
  • 6 lines

Accomodation: in 3***, 4**** or 5*****stars hotels


LOCATION - South of Gibraltar, the Canary Islands are popular among sun worshippers. Warm all year round, these volcanic islands offer nightlife, beaches and idyllic countryside in equal measure. There are seven main islands, and a variety of resorts. Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are all well-known as holiday destinations, and each has a unique history and exotic character. Southern Tenerife has admittedly become a bit over-developed with high-rise hotels, but the rest of the island largely retains its unspoilt natural beauty. The surrounding islands of La Gomera, La Palma and Hierro offer geographical diversity and peaceful, gorgeous beaches.


Training facilities:
  • 50 meters outdoor pool
  • 10 lines
  • weight room available

Accomodation: in 3***, 4**** or 5***** stars hotels