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HISTORY - DREAM TEAM ITALY was estabilished in 1999  when the 3 founding memebers IVAN, FABIO & MARCO decided to create the biggest Italian Sports Tour Operator. Nowadays over 250 clubs, collegiate and high school teams participate annually in our tours and tournaments, coming from over 25 different nations.

With our 15 years experience in the sport travel sector we can plan for teams unique athletic experiences:

  • giving suggestions on when and where to play
  • taking contacts with teams which to play against
  • arranging for teams to use our athletic facilities and best coaches for a high level training session .

But we can do more and more! Do not miss the opportunity to visit Europe, one among the richest coutries in culture and history: extend your sporting vacation and joyn one of our cultural tours to visit main Italian and European cities and locations. Combining travel sport and culture, we offer to you adventure, learning and the opportunity to strike up new friendships.



Ivan Molteni

IVAN MOLTENI - Executive Director: Ivan is the Executive Director of the company working both in Italy and extra-European countries. He spent his professional life in sports Education and International Sports Events organization. Since 1990, he has planned events, directed tours and tournaments throughout Europe.


Fabio Bellenghi

FABIO BELLENGHI - General Manager: graduated in international tourism  he's the events manager of the company. In charge of the relationship of extra European Teams he's also the head of all tourist and sports bookings.


Marco Gianni

MARCO GIANNI - Sales Manager: graduated in marketing, he's the sales and marketing director. Involved in the European and extra-european sales he promotes worldwide the Dream Team products.


Raffaella Colomban

RAFFAELLA COLOMBAN - Group Coordinator: Raffaella co-directs San Marino Basketball Cup, our annual basketball international event. She is also involved in the organization of our tours and in the booking of all sports and tourist services of groups.


Silvia Pietrobon

SILVIA PIETROBON - Account Adept: Silvia will assist with all your accounting, billing and payment questions. With her interntional account knowledge, she'll be able to satisfy all your questions for payments dates, international bank trasfers and value exchange.



Laura Taccini

LAURA TACCINI - Group Coordinator: graduated in Scienze of Tourism and and actually she's player in semi pro Volleyball team. Laura coordinates the hotels, visit bookings and groups for our tours and tournaments as well as Tours & Events marketing promoter.


FRANCESCA GALLO - Group Coordinator: She is graduated in linguistic and cultural mediation at Insubria University of Como. There she has studied three different languages: English, Spanish and Chinese and the cultural background of their speakers. She is involved in Services booking and groups management.


Ilaria Pino

ILARIA PINO - Baseball & Softball Specialist: graduated in Science of Sport, Ilaria is the Captain of the Italian Softball National Team and BSC Softball Legnano, the European and also Italian Club Champion. She is involved in all Softball & Baseball tours.




GIOVANNA BOGGIANI - Press Office: graduated in Marketing, Giovanna is the official reference of our Press office and for Sponsor partnership of the Dream Team Italy international events & competitions, in contact with local community and local / national TV & Newspaper.